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Our Superiority    

Our Superiority:

 1Broadest product Stocked selection:150,000 plus, There are new products added every day.

 2Good quality :80% of products have UL CE ROHS certificate. ISO9001:2008

 3: Low price:  we can help you reduce purchase 15% cost  in the future 3 month.

 4: Delivery time 2~15 days, On-Time delivery.

 5: Help customers find the non-standard products.

 6: OEM/ODM services.

 7: Free samples will be sent for your evaluation.

 8: KLS's experienced overseas sales team, They have professional product knowledge and enthusiastic service

 9: 18 years' industry experience with over $20 million in annual exports.

You are searching for creditable and professional supplier to work with;we are also looking for sincerely and long-term customers. Once we find each other, we could make rapid progress together!

Engineering Support

KLS offers comprehensive and professional engineering support for customers. To find out feasible solutions, we’re please to communicate with customers from mold making stage to final testing processes. Whenever there is a customized requirement on injection, stamping or/and plating, our integrated engineering team is here to provide feasible solutions. Through the effective cost-control & planning, we aim to maximize productivities & shorten the lead-time.


KLS Corporation is one of the fastest growing supplier of electronic components in the world.

For the past several years, KLS has been the #1 ranked electronic component supplier in china. This is an unprecedented achievement in electronic distribution. These ratings are based on industry surveys in which customers rate distributors' services on factors such as availability of product, speed of service, responsiveness to problems, pricing, and more.

Our top rankings in so many categories prove we are customer-driven. Our service and support systems have been specifically designed to respond to the needs of our customers. These systems are continually reviewed and modified to respond to changes as we work to achieve the "ultimate" level of customer service.

KLS is unique in many ways that translate into better service for you, our customers.

  1. Authorized Distribution
    • KLS has authorized dealers in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. If you want to be an authorized dealer of KLS, please contact KLS. This means KLS customers can rest assured that the product they order is authentic.
  2. Support/Resources
    • Whether you need assistance finding the right part or recommendations for your design, KLS’s Customer Service, Applications Engineering, and Technical Support teams and resources are at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week via telephone, e-mail, or live web chat.

    • Additional resources include KLS’s Product  Catalog, Display samples, Web datasheets, and more.
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